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Why pay money to have a web site when anyone with a computer and an ISP can do it for free!!!! So, you've tried to build your own site before but no luck. Well look no further, I can teach you how to build professional quality sites, find free servers to host it, show you how to get listed in all the major search engines (and get top results in the searches), and even find free advertising!! Don't let yourself be restricted to selling products on ebay(tm) when there is an entire world of web surfers just waiting to buy something from you. Learn how to add advanced features like rollover buttons, frames, forms, animated graphics, and background sounds. I will also show you how to give your site the ability to accept major credit cards and virtual checks!!! Just think about that for a second, that means you won't even have to go to the mailbox to get your money, or worry about bad checks!!! Also this package includes templates to get you started as well as an unlimited supply of free clip art, background pictures, midi files and everything else you need to get your online presence noticed. I'll show you how to add free custom counters with hourly, daily, weekly and monthly stats so you can keep track of your site. I'll even show you an easy and free way to start your own mailing list to keep in touch with former and prospective buyers. Sound complicated?? It's not, there are free services that handle the entire mailing list for you, all you have to do is type the email and send it once to reach everyone on your listů It really is that easy. I know most of this sounds too good to be true, but it's notů You just have to know where to find these online resources. As a free bonus I'll show you how to get a free fax number so you can send and receive faxes through your email address!! No expensive fax machines or frustrating fax software, just your already existing email address. And since this is the digital era, this can all be sent directly to you inbox or downloaded from a special web site with no S&H charges!!
Here's what you get:
  • Basic Templates to get you started.
  • Unlimited supply of free clip art and background images.
  • Finding a server that fits your needs.
  • 10 steps to advertising and promotion, including submitting to search engines.
  • Techniques to building and maintaining a professional Web Site.
  • How to add the ability to take major credit cards and virtual checks
  • Links to great online recourses you may not know exist.
  • Adding a free counter to maintain the traffic on your site.
  • How to start you own hassle-free emailing list.
  • How to get your free Fax number without a fax machine or fax software.
  • Every thing else you'll ever need to get yourself started.
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