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Kevin Ostrowski
(415) 923-1145
888 Ofarrell St. #232
San Francisco CA, 94109



My objective is to obtain a position in the area of 3D Modeling/animation, Digital Art, or Visual effects.



1998 - Present Academy of Art College San Francisco, California

Computer Arts (3D modeling/animation)

  • Currently enrolled in classes for a bachelors degree in
  • 3D modeling/animation.

    1997 - 1998 Lakeland Community College Kirtland, Ohio

    Graphic Design / Computer Science

  • Attended classes in Adobe PhotoShop and general multimedia production. Transferred to Academy of Art College.
  • 1991 - 1995 Mayfield High School Mayfield, Ohio

    Collage Prep

  • Received a diploma and completed proficiency testing


    General Skills

    Over 7 years of PC and Mac experience including hardware and software installation, system maintenance and upgrading. Overall understanding of Information Systems (IS) and Digital Technology. The ability to be self-taught and motivated as technology changes and upgrades.

    OS Skills

    Advanced knowledge of the Windows 95 and Windows 98 Operating Systems including a working knowledge of their registries. Working knowledge of the DOS and Mac Operating Systems.

    3D modeling and animation skills


    "Chair Object" to be shipped in the content directory of Lightwave 6.

    Advanced knowledge of LightWave 3D’s Layout and Modeler, as well as plugins such as, Motion Designer, particle Storm, Hypervoxels, and others. Strong understanding of visual effect compositing, texturing and lighting in a 3D environment. An Understanding of modeling with polygons, NURBS and splines, as well as traditional sculpture and model making methods. Advanced experience in Technical animation as well as some experience with basic Character animation using bone systems. Experience in Alias Wavefront’s Maya. Currently enrolled in classes at the Academy of art College in the field of 3D art.

    Graphic Design Skills

    Advanced knowledge of Adobe PhotoShop, PageMaker, and Illustrator. A full understanding of the Graphic Design process including scanning, editing and printing. Complete knowledge of resolution, line frequencies and half toning.

    Web Design Experience

    1999 - Present Signatures Network. San Francisco, California

    Web design

  • Site design, layout, HTML, DHTML navigation systems, Java Script coding, Perl and CGI Script execution, and site maintenance.
  • Current sites include:
  • A more detailed list of what elements I created can be found in my online portfolio at: or

    General web Design Skills

    Over 4 years experience in Web Site Design. Knowledge of the HTML and DHTML programming language and of such HTML authoring applications as Macromedia Dreamweaver, and Microsoft FrontPage. Knowledge of Java Script, CGI Script, and HTML Script.

    Complete understanding of web graphics and file sizes, as well as color pallets and web animation. Advanced experience of Macromedia’s Fireworks as well as Flash.

    Multimedia Production Skills

    Advanced knowledge of Adobe Premier and After Effects. Experience in creating interactive media using Macromedia Director, Flash and Adobe Acrobat. Experience with Traditional audio and video productions.


    Software Knowledge

    • LightWave 3D
    • Adobe PhotoShop
    • Adobe After Effects
    • Adobe Premiere
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe PageMaker
    • Macromedia Director
    • Macromedia Dreamweaver
    • Macromedia Flash
    • Macromedia Fireworks
    • Meta Creations Painter
    • Meta Creations Bryce 3D
    • Debabelizer Pro
    • Lightscape
    • Real Media
    • Maya 1.0
    • Microsoft Front Page
    • Microsoft Office Suite