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Virtual bus
Take the virtual bus to visit our villages.

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What's New

06/28/99                                                                            Site Map
InterEnglish Boulevard
new2.gif (111 bytes) Visit our newest interactive projects
Extreme sports - IEG 2
Celebrations all around the world - IEG 2
Celebrities and their deeds - IEG 4
As helpful as we can be - IEG 3
A charming trip by train - IEG 1
An unforgettable trip - IEG 2

Intersections Alley

new2.gif (111 bytes) Visit the following projects
English Nowadays - ITS 3
Love facts - ITS 1
Means of communication - ITS 3
Love styles - ITS 3
The influence of the media - ITS 3
Pelotas City - ITS 4

Advanced Highway
new2.gif (111 bytes) Is music your favorite hobby? Visit the project "Music Quiz" and check your knowledge about the topic.

TeenMate Avenue
new2.gif (111 bytes) Visit the newest interactive projects
Sports around the world - TMT 3
Endangered species - TMT 3
Soccer in the future - TMT 3

Snack for teens - TMT 3

Calle Español
nuevo.gif (122 bytes)
Ciudad X Campo
nuevo.gif (122 bytes) Pelotas - nuestra ciudad

Magic Links Street
new2.gif (111 bytes) If you like collections, visit the Project "Our mask collection" for ML 1 and give your opinion about the best one.

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Ongoing projects
Here you will find projects that are happening right now around the world.   Choose your program beside and join us.

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Finished projects
Here you will find projects developed by our schools around the world.
   Choose your program beside and see how Internet can help you in learning another language.

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